Combined lawsuit against OVH

On March 10 a fire destroyed a huge part of OVHs datacenter in Strasbourg. The real damage in that moment was not clear and even weeks after the incident clients are in a situation full of uncertainty.

Many still have no access to their data and maybe it’s even lost forever. CEO Octave Klaba is constantly tweeting about new updates, technical achievements and fancy new facilities and servers, but the facts are:

  • Clients = have no access to their data
  • Paid backups = Not available or also destroyed
  • Clear and real ETAs = Negative
  • The promised services = Faked?
  • Recompensations = Just free credits and a few refunds which don’t cover even slightly the damaged loss
  • The trollers and sys-admins (OVH employees?) defending OVH and blaming the customers, makes it even worse

We demand real solutions, monetary compensations and a clear communication, because many of our futures depend now on the confidence we’ve put in OVH!

Let’s get a group of affected clients together. Maybe this way we can get a satisfying answer from Mr. Klaba and his team:

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